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Meet Some of Our Members

This page is for some of our Members and Their kennel links.

Member list:

Sporting Group  Margaret Mitchell  (Labradors)
                          David and Susan Robichaud (Labradors)
                          Susan E, Sutton (English Springer Spainels)               
                          Bob And Marie Walls  (Labradors)
Hound Group     Bonnie & Leslie Raymond
                            (Dachshunds Smooth & Wire)
Working Group  Jeanne Gifford Siberian Husky
                          SuzanneC. Joy & Heather S. Joy  (Bullmastiff)

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Working Group

A dalmation; Size=240 pixels wide

More Members:

Toy Group      BJ Bachman  Toy Poodles
                         Bonnie Raymond Chihuahua (Smooth & Long Coat)

Herding Group   Nancy Cunliffe  Cardigan Wech Corgi
                             Gail Lynch   Cardigan Welch Corgi
                              Nola Soper   Cardigan Welch Corgi
                             Nola Scott   Sheltie

Non-Sporting No Members

Terrier Group:  Nancy Daniels Cairn Terrier
                          Mary Jane Platt Cairn Terrier

Obedience Group Members:  Mary Thompson

Toy Group Members

Herding Group Members

Red Rose, Growing

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